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Apex level boost

Self play mode - play by yourself meanwhile boost.

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Apex Legends account level boost

What is Apex leveling boost?

Service becomes the most suitable solution for people which are trying to find the easiest way to get Apex Legends account level to 55, 80 or 100+ champion ranks. Our customers can be sure in result. Foxstore carry squad represents team of professional players which has already assisted to 8900 people and made their game better. Our workers do not need to use bots to finish your Apex Legends leveling Boost in time or impress you with fast delivery. We enjoy each play and will be happy to share our knowledge.

Apex Legends leveling carry recommendations:

  • Before obtaining first gun protect yourself with punches. Each hit takes 30 health points. Use hits in jump to kick with foot. It has beautiful animation but there will be no additional damage.
  • Doors have impressive potential and might help you to win the fight. Opened doors means that someone used current exit and have already left the house. Current feature lets players hide themselves or even help in organizing ambushes.
  • Marks are important part of Apex Legends account leveling because it helps with learning random places or even keep teamwork in groups without voice communication.
  • The balloons are located on the whole area of island and can get you in other zone in 7-9 seconds. Just climb up with a cable to activate the jet pack and quickly move through long distances.