Why us?

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Lots of Services:

We are happy to say, that 74% of customers are turning back after first order, coming here once - You will always be part of our team! Draw of prizes on Twitch live translations, discount system, personal T-shirts and much more!

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Great experience:

We are offering professional in game assistance on both regions - EU and US. If you not sure about item, which should be better for your situation - ask our manager to get consultation and obtain full answer on any question about products.

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One of the most important key points of our work is Safety and with Foxstore you can be sure, that this time you are making a deal with professional company and we will make all to protect our customers, using safe connection for piloted option and best selfplay mode.

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About us

Welcome to the best WoW Boosting Service on EU and US regions - Foxstore.pro
Here you can take a look at PvE Boost services and Arena Boost as well.
Our team is online 24/7, same as support, so do not be shy to ask, if you need help or have questions.

So who are we?
Why should you choose us?
The main reasons are:
- Guarantee - Foxstore takes care about every order and make all possible and impossible to offer our customers best deals. All our customers are getting products, as at description. Using just protected methods of payment and you can always get money back, if something is wrong. To learn more about money back - check our "Terms and Conditions".
- Safety - there are just two modes of assistance: Selfplay and Piloted.
In time of piloted we are using the safest connection to hide from any third persons fact of logging in. Workers never answer on outside messages, while online at your character.
Selfplay is the best option to get experience. It looks like usual game with friends, not even PvE WoW boost or PvP WoW boost, since you are playing on character by yourself.
If it is not enough for you - check our reviews at Ownedcore, ElitePvPers, G2g and Trustpilot.
- Fast delivery and amazing bonus system. Invite your friends both of you will get rewards for using Arena boost WoW or any another.
- Friendly support is ready to help you whenever. Do not know what kind of dungeon WoW boost you should use to obtain equipment on your champion after leveling? Not a problem! Probably gearing service looks better for in addition to WoW Fast Leveling boost in package, so just let us know.
- Any custom order - if you did not find something inside our catalog, that you really want to have - do not be hasty to leave this page. Ask online consultant, we are definitely able to assist you.