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Apex Legends win

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Apex Legends win boosting service

What is Apex wins boost:

Game has 2 starting zones with high drop chance of value equipment. Players know these grounds as random Hot Zones. Main feature of these locations is blue glow on the mini map. It shows average place where supplying ship is going to be landed. But do not try to visit combat zone without Apex Legends Wins Boost! Every match over 78% of soldiers have enough motivation to and accept risks and enter the confrontation. They move inside the blue circles to kill enemies and obtain equipment of 3-4 rank. Other challengers should select more distant points.

Apex Legends Wins Boost represents group queue with our teammates in the battle royal. You will fight against other 57 people which have similar conditions and goals as other groups. In the end just 1 party can survive in combat and these 1-3 soldiers will have victory. So once you decided to join the battle — take a look on 8 unique characters and choose your hero. Each champion has own features and role in the team.

Apex Legends wins carry features:

  • 1500-6200 experience after for 1 victory. Each level require 18000 points, so usually it takes 3-6 single services on 1 rank.
  • Player will get 600 Legend Tokens for 2 new reached positions. Collect 12000 to unlock Mirage or Caustic. Once you spend 12000 — buy Apex Legends Wins to farm currency.
  • Soldiers can impact on amount of trophies from the match with own actions. Take care about kills, surviving time and daily quests because these 3 options are the most value.