Apex boosting service

Our team spent 1800+ hours in the royal battles to understand the nuances of survival and simplify the life of novice players. Current game can share full imagine of mechanics after 3 months of plays, but with Apex Legends boosting service current period will take much less time. With Foxstore services you can get tips and supplement them with strategies that should increase win rate and account status. We used knowledge from thousands fights and created Coaching from league competitors to improve results in solo queue of average player.

Legendary Apex boost:

  • Shotgun Mastiff — has enough power to kill 3 champions in 1 shot. Since bullet hurts opponent and do 112-144 damage as body shot and 288-301 as head shots.
  • Sniper rifle Crabber .50 obtained almost same statistic — 99-125 and 250-287 HP. Amount of available shots is limited by cartridges which drop in your inventory with weapon. Once you have spent all attempts to defeat opponent — change gun or get in melee range and punch opposite challengers.
  • There is a special kind of assault rifle that allows owner to shoot after knock-out. However, gold versions of weapons have no differences with their full epic configuration. All modules are already installed in legendary modifications, so you do not need to ask assistance from allies with Apex Legends Ranking. Ammunition is not limited and has no other restrictions. Just 1 collected trophy of yellow quality increase chances to make first blood in the battle on 31%.
  • Knock-out shield — covers 1000 harm points and might be used to resurrection if there is no nearby allies that are ready to heal wounds.
  • Inventory — solves problems with picking up grenades / bombs and gives additional 6 free slots inside bag space.
  • x1 and x4-x10 digital threats — useful features increase power of A-Tier guns.
  • Turbocharger — upgrade devices which use electronic ammo (Devotion LMG, Chaos).

Features of Apex Legends carry:

Small area in the start of competition will be marked on the map as hot zone. Every match it locates in different places. Visitors are able to find rare gold items or die in 10-60 seconds because 70% of total challengers usually think same and move there to hunt on easy frags / achievements. Dangerous battle zones motivate heroes to run inside and take part in deadly event, since current method is the only way to pretend on supplies. Lifeline character has similar ultimate ability to provide amazing Apex Legends damage — Care Package. Traveling to different grounds is good alternative for other 30% of combatants to obtain decent weapon quality. It caused massive confrontations between sides and only 1 winner can collect Mastiff or Craber as trophies from containers.

The map shows areas with low (gray), epic (purple), legendary (yellow), medium (green) equipment qualities that might be founded there. The most powerful and useful components are located in battle zone. Armor tier is important attribute of warrior. It adds new protection bar over health points to show security rank. But armor is limited with received damage and turns into solution just for 4-10 shots. Helmet let owner avoid death from 1 head shot and becomes good solution to skip sniper ambushes.

Apex Legends gameplay recommendations:

  • Learn flight technique or give the squad control in hands of experienced player. Use the technique of air waves and catch balance between speed and distance.
  • Analyze your position on the mini map and use movement features that let you change position of main slider on the graphic.
  • Don't sweep everything on the path. If you picked up the EVA-8-Auto gun and see another favorite assault rifle — mark it and leave to your partner. Do not carry shells into your pocket if without value reason. Spread the loot with other 2 party members because you have same goals in Apex Legends Battle Pass boost.
  • Act quickly — put items in backpack and travel from one location to another to pick up new parts and equipment.
  • Collect the best trophies — among the shotguns your choice must be “Peacemaker” with 32-144 damage per shot. Might be quite difficult to get in range. EVA-8 suits more if you require higher rapid-fire ability with lower strike power.
  • Use R-301 in single-round shooting mode to attack on 144 points per clip or Hemlock with level 3 body kit in the middle distance.
  • Save standard Flatline to take 1,5 average health bars per burst. Statistic is not same insane as previous examples, but in right hands and 4 epic upgrades it should impress all critics. Try to find barrel stabilizer and reach capacity of Hemlock.
  • Do not fight against 3 enemies in same time. Analyze their armor to calculate total amount of patrons that you need on 1 kill. Check color numbers after hit successful shot. Gold mark means legendary outfit, violet — epic ( 100 units of armor ), blue ones are rare ( 75 units of protection ), white is the simplest. If armor goes down — you will hear the sound of broken glass. All next statistic will be displayed with red shade. At this point you must do last 2-3 actions to defeat rival. Pay attention to the sounds and predict directions which your opponent is going to follow. Move in stealth mode to hide hard steps and reflect ambushes. Sneak on heels to surprise gamers that are located behind the wall of your building.
  • Train skills on 1-2 champions and select favorite soldier for boost Apex Legends leaderboards in ranked season.

Abilities of champions do not have much influence on the final outcome, so characters are in same conditions. But possibility to hit straight in the enemies and attack power will become useful skills. Service is available on early stages till rank 100 just in teamwork with our professional coaches. You might select favorite heroes to act in the most effective way but do not forget to take a look on class composition and assist partners with right pick. Discuss plan of actions with group members and follow it together in 5 seconds after landing on the ground. Allies should heal or trade the best weapon in Apex Legends — Mozambique and P2020 to assist gamers with lower equipment. With useful tips from pro you could calculate / predict impacts of each bullet.