Apex Legends coaching

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Apex Legends coaching boost service

What is Apex Legends coaching?

Apex coaching boost represents time plays (60 minutes — 1 session) with professional players that reached the highest level of game and proved own rank on events like Champions Cup, Twitch Rivals, LAN tournaments. Current service can help you to obtain necessary knowledge and slightly increase win rate. Each session can turn into short guide from competitive gamers that includes tips, duo / team queue and plays and discussing strategies on your champion. Use experience Enjoy your Apex Legends Coaching and receive real impressions from the battle. Forget solo queue with random people, form your own dream team on Foxstore!

Buy Apex Legends Coaching on your class:

  • Lifeline — main group healer, has enough medicine skill to resurrect allies on 50% faster and assist them after knockdown. Can use drone to restore health of 1-2 people in close range and passive shields to protect wounded players from physical damage. Furthermore, her package shares equipment of 3 rank and saves up to 8+ lives per 1 match.
  • Bangalore — veteran of wars, collect smoke bombs to cut off opponents and hide own position. Has increased movement speed while combat. It gives Bangalore possibility to rush opponents and avoid damage. Thunderclaps is an extremely effective skill which causes no damage to the allies and but hits enemies with 2 rocket strikes.
  • Pathfinder — character obtained good mobility from his cat hook. Experienced gamers use it to decrease distance with an opponent and make easy kills. However, in 90% of situations robot just pulls himself to the nearest wall. We have special paragraph in coaching Apex Legends for Pathfinder and his skills to show whole capacity of champion.