Buy WoW Currencies | US

Absolutely impossible to get progress in game without WoW currencies. There are 2 kinds of coins. Some of them are available just at PvP or PvE part of the game and whole process of farm takes a lot of time. Anyway it is necessary for transmog, mounts and another things. Here you can take a look on different WoW currencies, such as:

  • Mark of Honor - rewards are mounts, enchants, old PvP season gear, reagents.
  • Gold - with gold you can buy almost everything at the game and even exchange it on game time or tokens, that also can use to buy another games.
  • Bloody Coin - farming for title and achievements.
  • Azerite - is BFA currency, that is important for players' equipment and also unlocking new traits in your Azerite gear(chest, shoulders, head).
  • Apexis Crystal - was added in WOD to let us get new gear, flasks, mounts and achievements.
  • Timewarped Badge

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