Dungeon boosting service

You can not miss famous World of Warcraft PvE part. Everyone, who used to play - have visited at least one instance. Usually there are small groups of 5 people, which are helping each other.

Dungeon carry key roles:

  • Tank - gathering all mobs and bosses and taking hits on himself.
  • Healer - person who is healing whole group.
  • Damage Dealer (DD, DPS) - doing harm to monsters and bosses.

To start good group you need to form it with 1 tank, 1 healer and 3 damage dealers - absolutely formula of success. Invite friends or guild mates to finish dungeons. Sometimes it is too hard to bad geared newbie character to get into instance to upgrade armor. Foxstore created guild static and at the moment is at top 8 on EU and same players are ready to assist our customers with new gear!

Dungeon boost is good choice to fast wow gearing or if you require new gear and item level, because it will escort you meanwhile whole process of game.
On Foxstore.pro additional services are available. It is possible to add one more members with same type of armor, so more loot! On Eastern Kingdom, Kalimdor, Pandaria, Outland and even on Northrend, same as Broken Isles with Zandalar and Kul Tiras there are lots of instances with different creatures and bosses. Dungeons take less time, that raids to be finished.

WoW Dungeon boost types:

  • Normal - usual difficulty of monsters. Average loot drops.
  • Heroic - harder, from first one, mobs have higher health and damage. Much better loot.
  • Mythic - much harder, have weekly lockouts - so can not be finished twice during week and get reward. Strong enemies as well.

Buy dungeon boost to improve your rank, get achievements and open new vision of game play, because just on the highest level gamers can obtain good gear to start the most interesting chapter of Battle for Azeroth expansion. Do not forget - in Legion it was good opportunity to do fast level boost and in few hours character increase 10 levels.