RBG carry service

What is RBG boost service?

Enter massive fights and take actions in 10v10 battlegrounds to receive PvP achievements. Arena or duels can not show whole beauty of fight. If memories remind about first Warsong Gulch skirmish and Marks of Honor on level 13 — let yourself join experienced group to develop collection of impressions with RBG Boost. Take part in teamwork and victory will follow you with Foxstore. Obtain wins up to High Warlord, Grand Marshal or Hero title in selfplay mode. Forget random collectives — raids without voice chat and preparation have 74% to lose match against organized static. 26% — is not enough to gain stable progress and push positions in ladder board. But remember that access for rated battlegrounds required 120 level of champion which may provided by character power leveling boost service.

History of WoW RBG Boost:

Cataclysm expansion gave community an opportunity to queue in pairs to compare common guild skill. 15v15 mode brought more chaos and requires less strategy from champions. Event did not meet the expectations and quantity of participants was decreased to 10v10. Azeroth gave citizens a chance to find a place in World of Warcraft. People with low level of game started to gather strong raid and loot mark of honor farm or same reward, as Rank1 Gladiators. Weekly conquest cap depends on the bracket and the best statistic. Alliance and Horde understand it and tried to increase item level of gear with features of rated battle ground carry. Arena 2v2 and 3v3 was replaced for 62 days after release of event. PvP became casual, and community preferred to use previous mechanics skirmishes to save balance.

Reason to Buy RBG Boost on Foxstore:

  • We are interested in result and will provide service the most suitable service of high quality.
  • Rank 1 Gladiators from 3 static of EU and US regions will protect you and share useful knowledge.
  • 1 person can not win, but 9 professional champions can do RBG Carry with 6-9 players till Hero title or 2400 rating.
  • Fast Rated Battleground Carry and weekly rewards. Obtain 192-16 points per win and PvP titles every 100-200 points after 1300.