Unlocking allied races

WoW Allied races unlock service in World of WarcraftLegion expansion has begun next era of friendship between lost champions. Horde and Alliance were involved in conflict and supported titans to protect planet from destruction. Secret invasion on Argus was the only opportunity to defeat demons. Warriors developed army with volunteers, but relationships between sides were too weak to fight under one flag. Exhausted citizens asked heroes to farm reputation and assist with Unlock Allied Races Boost. Common goals motivated leaders to cooperate. Azeroth was saved and kingdoms made first steps to form codex of factions.

History of WoW Allied races:

  • Kings forgot about honor and hired assassins to increase chances on win. Desire for revenge involved new followers and fight gained bigger size.
  • Trolls and void elves shared knowledge and received protection in main cities of Alliance and Horde. Challengers proved loyalty and got high place in ancient council, but members were not able to take leading positions.
  • World of Warcraft grows up with interests of community. Players finished mission on the Broken Isles and gathered all power to heal wounds of planet. But area of Azeroth was too small to solve conflict of soldiers and ensure comfortable life for old enemies.
  • Curse of mainlands caused poor times for civilizations. Kul Tiras and Zandalari came out from dark mists of sea and required actions from players. Sudden meetings turned into big decisions and affect the fate of thousands souls.

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