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Is available from 4 of September on US region and 05.09.2018 on EU. Raid dungeon, which became available on "World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth" expansion. Foxstore is booking Uldir boost orders on first weeks to provide power leveling services for gear your characters in BiS PvE set.

Thousands years ago titans - creators of the world tried to learn more about their main enemy and have created underground labs to explore Void energy and Old Gods. It was first step to rid the world from impact of the evil. But it was a mistake! Lab was hidden from any eyes, but the nightmares found a way to get out from cages... Located at Nazmir with 8 bosses inside. But here you meet another dangerous. Crowds of blood trolls are be ready to kill everyone, who tries to enter their home and drink the blood till last drop. Since instance is not outdoor - players do not get bonuses from Warmode or other PvP features that you may obtain by Arena boost services.

Reason to Buy Uldir boost services on Foxstore

Since achievements almost impossible to obtain from the start - 04 of September, Foxstore has raids on both sides - Alliance and Horde to do boost. With us your characters can get rewards. Pre-orders on Normal and Heroic Uldir run service already available! Be one of the lucky persons in World of Warcraft, who gets exclusive Mount from G'huun.

While Uldir raid run carry players will meet:

  • Taloc - is the first boss. When laboratory started work - it got the high level of protection. Their pride was Taloc - main guard. But the Old Gods broke this system with mind power and now it is under their leading.
  • Fetid Devourer - second serious dangerous. Mystic creature leading by three heads. Meanwhile experiments under loa, their souls and lifeless form just fed Fetid Devourer.
  • MOTHER - the only creation from defensive system, that was not corrupted. But still does not let anybody enter or exit the laboratory.
  • Vectis - is next boss. Infected blood killed thousands of Zandalari and started poor time of whole civilization. Suddenly titans got an answer - total destruction can stop epidemy, but was too late. Void touched an example of Ghuun's part of body and created monster.
  • Mythrax the Unraveler - turned back to serve and become right hand of his master.
  • Zek'voz, Herald of N'zoth - from the deps of Void. Tried to conqueror new tribe, but failed and was captured. Sited thousands of years and waited a lot to escape the laboratory.
  • Zul, Reborn - ex-leader of Zanchuli, the great priest, right hand of the kings of Zandalari trolls. Nowadays is listening to Ghuun's voice and serving evil. Zul forsook his tribe and leading by master's voice re-builds whole civilization to conqueror whole Azeroth.

All the time titans did wrong. Experiments turned against them and whole chaos begun new era of almighty evil.

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