What is Crucible of Storms Boost?

Crucible of Storms Boost service is the main way for community to collect power after 8,1,5 addons. This time Horde and Alliance sides gathered in 6 groups to fight new enemy — assassins of ancient god Nzoth. Heroes will come back because it is the only chance to protect Azeroth from absolutely madness. Shadow priests made a mistake and opened dark portal for evil legions to start total chaos. This artifact is the strongest weapon in own class and main reward for Crucible of Storms raid Boost. It was created in agony and forged with pain. Legends said that general of dark army put inside his own soul to collect more power from every single kill. But how can champions resist attacks? Paladins of Stormwind became the last hope of World of Warcraft. Mages know that Xal'atat is not just a weapon. It is a kind of dark essence which enclosed in a dagger, but light still can clear the horror.

Crucible of Storms Carry strategy:

  • Tank classes need to take care about defensive skills and collect armor after first bosses. Stones will fall down from the palace to destroy the floor when first wave of soldiers will be defeated. Characters need to jump into a deep cave which is full of walls, tentacles and spikes. In the depths of lake players have to find relics and put it inside empty slots.
  • Second phase in Crucible of Storms Boost require healers with 350+ item level and good magic regeneration. Battles with 2 groups of mobs are very flexible and dynamic, so heals can restore up to 3% from total amount of resource every 5 seconds.
  • Next location is similar with Battle of Dazaralor dungeon. Champions must use experience from previous fights to win current fight phase. Raid leader should command other members of group to pick up blessing of titans and increase own damage, healing abilities or defensive skills on 50%, 75% and 100% during the skirmish. Rank of blessing depends on azerite level, so just players with high amount of traits in Hearth of Azeroth can survive.
  • Last option in Crucible of Storms Raid Boost Run should be fatal for 70% of champions. However, 30% or group could use blessing from 3 zone to skip death and resurrect 1-6 fallen allies. This phase requires fast reaction from 1 and 3 parties and druids. Inside the raid players can meet 2 bosses, but the main enemy still be opposite faction.

How to Buy Crucible of Storms Boost with gold?

PvE community of WoW have been started 2 chapter in 8 game expansion after 17 of May. Over 4000 guilds will make steps into darkness to kill unborn child of ancient gods, and in current war they have no chances. Heroes have just 14 days to stop cataclysm or Azeroth will burn! But how should people act? Rogues and warlocks must gather army in 145 minutes and Buy cheap Crucible of Storms Boost and slain monsters during raid run.