Gear boosting service | EU

What is item level boost?

Freedom of the last expansion let heroes skip activities and take part just in 2-3 favorite events to pretend on 375 / 385 / 395+ equipment. Innovation separated community on groups and formed interests of players. It was the best solution to prepare and adapt audience for modifications in game. 65% of characters avoided 2 weekly tasks, 90% of them have lost a chance to replace 270-350 armor ranks or increase champion stats. But 10% of people decided to buy gear boost and obtain benefits every 7 days.

Buy gear boost for damage dealers:

  • Increase DPS (damage per 1 second) in raids.
  • Obtain experience cap faster on 20%.
  • Enter parties without queues.
  • Collect BiS equipment stats.

Buy item level boost on healers:

  • Restore on 10-80% more health points with spells.
  • Save mana resource meanwhile 2, 3 phases in confrontations against enemy leaders.

Buy gear boost on tank specializations:

  • Protect group from 5+ wipes in mythic+ dungeons.
  • Survive fatal damage.
  • Get on 100% more hit points.

Why should you buy gear item level boost?

Composition of specializations is flexible and changes every 7 days, but roles are always same — 3 DPS, 1 healer, 1 tank. Some classes might be on demand and easily join group to develop another 4 members or wait invitation during 4+ hours on the next day. But what should you do as newbie character or low demand class? Check the most suitable offer and Buy Gear Boost! Current category includes answer and has already become a solution of 1240+ customers.