Dazar’alor item boost

This category represents solutions for people that have problems with obtaining PvE raid gear. With Foxstore community you can buy Dazar'alor items to get equipment without rolling it other group members. We form raids from similar classes to increase amount of loot and guarantee fast carry to DPS, healer and tank specializations.

Battle of Dazar’alor heroic run gave players an opportunity to gather BiS gear of current content and gain benefits from PvE sets. But first of all characters must be ready to take part in deadly confrontation against enemy faction leaders and became winners. Both sides have enough ambitions and heroes to give decent fight on the lands of main capital of Horde.

How to buy Battle of Dazar’alor items and loot?

  • Select the most comfortable raid time to book a place.
  • Send a message with information about your character — server, nickname.
  • Log in the game before 15 minutes from run.
  • Accept invitation to group and summon request.
  • Find required Dazar’alor item in the list of services and make an order.
  • Free enough bag space to pretend on trade.