Bloodthirsty Urchin (Trinket)

Bloodthirsty Urchin (Trinket)

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Bloodthirsty Urchin boosting service

Buy Bloodthirsty Urchin (Trinket) raid item:

  • That is a trinket for tanks like: Blood Death Knight, Brewmaster Monk, Vengeance Demon Hunter, Protection Paladin, Guardian Druid, Protection Warrior. The effect from this item have passive healing effect tied to the amount of damage you take.
  • We will add 1-9 loot traders to increase drop chance.
  • With Foxstore service you will be invited in nearest raid group to defeat Lady Ashvane and guarantee get Bloodthirsty Urchin which can be forged in the battle up to 5-25 levels.
  • Usually it takes 1-2 weekly resets to obtain reward.
  • You can get other loot of 415-445+ ilvl from boss.
  • Here you may buy Bloodthirsty Urchin WoW in 3 different raid modes - normal, heroic, mythic.