Battle of Dazar'alor Normal boost

Battle of Dazar'alor Normal Loot run boosting service in World of Warcraft US (WoW) PvE

Total price:$29

Battle of Dazar'alor Normal loot run boosting service

Battle of Dazar'alor normal loot run boost is useful service for players which are interested in finishing normal mode of current instance. Raid usually takes 90-180 minutes. You will receive achievements from slaying 9/9 bosses. In additional options of product you can choose amount of equipment that character will obtain in the end of dungeon.

Buy Battle of Dazar'alor normal loot run for:

  • Achievements for completing 2 parts of instance.
  • 9 bosses kills.
  • Possibility to collect over 20 items of 385-415+ level.

Who needs to buy Battle of Dazar'alor normal run carry?

  • Players with 350 or lower ilvl.
  • Fresh dinged 120 level challengers.
  • Heroes that have no guild static should buy Dazar'alor normal loot run boost to close 1 chapter of raid.
  • Victims of pug groups with bad communication.

Normal Dazar'alor loot run boost options:

  • Personal loot — drop rate is individual for every boss. Players in group have random chance to find a bounty, so we recommend to use bonus roll coin. Here are no guarantee goods, but the highest quantity of gear pieces per 1 run is 11 items!
  • 3-6 items — we will add in party additional champions with same type of equipment to share rewards and guarantee 3-6 trophies in the end of service.
  • 7-21+ items — option is available on the 2 week of content and represents full version of service.