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The first and main currency of World of Warcraft is Gold. Almost any player faced the problem with low stock and hard WoW gold Farm. At Foxstore Pro you can Buy WoW Gold for your character on any realm or faction, just let our operator know about your server and faction before booking an order. At previous expansions it was much harder to farm this currency, it was fantastic demand, that is also saved till today. You can get mounts, gear, enchants, food and much more using gold. Even repair of your armor or traveling is impossible without special amount of it. Buying WoW gold it is important to know, that there are lots of low trusted sellers, that can scam you or even ban your account.

There are three ways to sell gold, that actually works:

    • Face to Face trade - usual trade(seller-customer).
    • Guild bank trade - customer is entering guild and taking amount of gold, that he already ordered from it.
    • Auction horde trade - customer is making few auctions and gold-seller is buying out all his lots(auction hose also has around 5% commission, that is also on customer).

The safest one is trade with auction house trade and that's the method, that we are using to sell gold. Our manager will say you for what kind of item you should create lot on auction. After that we will buy it and you will get your gold on the in game mail in one hour after it.