Timewarped Badges

Timewarped Badge

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Timewarped Badge was added at Draenor(6.2.2 patch). Long time ago at The Burning Crusade there was simple mechanic of grind, that developers of the game are using till nowadays. For killing a boss at the dungeon you got badges, that also can exchange on pieces of gear. At the moment this currency has another function. Here are some of Timewarped Badge rewards:

  • Transmog items;
  • Mounts;
  • Heirloom gear;
  • Reputation;
  • Toys and another goods from old addons of the game;

And for each of expansions there are special rewards for this currency, so it is not same event every time, since there are even different dungeons. So this is the part of PvE boost. If you need to Buy Timewarped Badge - just let us know! Funny thing, that your level will be decreased to 70-110 (depends on the event). But it is important to remember, that it is possible to use Timewarped badge farm just in short period of the time. So it makes process much harder, since time is really limited. Anyway it is not a problem to farm Timewarped Barge or any amount of it, that you are interested in. One boss kill at Dungeon will give just 5 badges. Last boss - just 10. That is why meanwhile service you will also get lots of achievements from dungeons.