Azerite power boost

Azerite power boost

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Azerite power farm boost | EU

Azerite currency, that was added in game since 8.0.1 patch and at the moment it is main resource to have prgress at Battle for Azeroth expansion. Since every character will have Hearth of Azeroth - it is necessary to Farm Azerite for traits in your new artifact neck to unlock new traits in Azerite gear - head, chest and shoulders and to make your neck higher item level. Since you will get new items - you will need more traits and it's impossible without routine farm. But Foxstore Pro know how to Farm Azerite and we are ready 24/7 hours to help you with Azerite boost.

It is possible to get three main parts of gear from questing and dungeons. Anyway - epic rewards are limited and you will be able to get rewards just from:

If you will get new piece of armor it will ask you to unlock new traits in your artifact (if you will have low level on neck - traits will not be available). You will not be able to Buy something for Azerite, since it will be used immediately after picking up. If you will spend your talents in chest, shoulders or head - it is not a problem to reforge it again and choose right ones. Changing another spec you will need to farm 3 pieces of gear again, but traits in your neck will be same. You will farm azerite meanwhile another services like dungeon boost or even arena boost. For each class there will be special traits and some of them you can meet in another classes equipment. Azerite farm boost will not take too much time, it depends on amount of currency.