Azshara’s raid items

On the current page you can select and buy specific trophies from Azshara's Eternal Palace Loot. Take a look on the most suitable gear of 4 armor types and check the nearest raid on your region and faction. If you are interested in full dungeon run — whisper our consultant on the live chat to book a slot or obtain additional traders with guarantee amount of goods.

Types of Azshara's Eternal Palace Loot:

  • Cloth — light armor for priest, mage and warlock.
  • Leather — can be used by druid, demon hunter, rogue.
  • Mail — the rarest kind of Azshara's Eternal Palace Gear suits for shaman and hunter.
  • Plate — very heavy armor for warrior, death knight and paladin classes.
  • Weapons — unique slot for each player that includes 11+ methods.