Mark of Honor

Mark of Honor

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Mark of Honor farm boost | EU

This currency was added in game from pre-patch 7.0 There are lots of methods to farm Mark of Honor. The only thing you can't skip is PvP. Not every person likes it and it takes hours of even weeks to get it even for good players. For example it can take up to 30 rated battlegrounds just to farm one item. There are also another ways of Mark of Honor farm, such as: Arena, World PvP, Weekly / Daily / Usual Quests, World Quests, World bosses and etc. That is actually a reason to take a look at Foxstore Pro boost service.

Here you can Buy Mark of Honor boost or any another currency for almost any game! But why it is so special? Mark of Honor farm is necessary for lots of items, that actually are on huge demand in WoW. Just amazing gear from old arena seasons takes plenty of looks, great tabards, same as elite gear (that can't be ordered without marks), heilrooms for your characters, materials and lots of another goods. At previous expansions there was another currency and it was much easier to farm items, that you took a loot at, but not now. Buying Mark of Honor you will guarantee have as many items, as you ordered or even more and our team will do all, that possible to offer whole safety of accounts for our customers.