Ny'alotha Mythic Boost

Mythic Ny'alotha Raid Boost

Total price:1999

WoW Mythic Ny'alotha Raid Boost Run

With the help of this boosting you can simply complete the raid named Ny’alotha, The Waking City in a Mythic level of difficulty. Our team will make the process of fulfilling the raid convenient for you. If you want to complete the raid yourself, you can always choose a Selfplay mode.

Ny’alotha Mythic raid rewards:

  • A lot of achievements provided for defeating bosses in the raid (in Mythic difficulty);
  • If you purchase N’zoth Mythic Kill, you will be given the Uncorrupted title.
  • A unique mount that is called Uncorrupted Voidwing.
  • You have a chance to be equipped with 475+ item level gear.
  • One more achievement Ahead of the Curve: N’Zoth, the Corruptor.
  • Possibility to receive Azerite armor.
  • A lot of loot that included Azerite, gold and other.

What is special about Mythic Ny’alotha carry?

  1. The players from 2 factions can purchase this boost. So, it does not matter whether it is Horde or Alliance player who ordered it.
  2. Every our booster has been tested and has proved his skills at practice. That means that we have only best players in our team.
  3. No software or bots are used for completing the boost by us.
  4. In order to provide maximum safety and keep your account safe, we use VPN that coincides with your country.
  5. By your request we may take screenshots or stream for you during the boost. Just ask for it!
  6. We provide this Ny’alotha Mythic Raid boost in such regions like the United States, Russia and Europe.
  7. You may choose between a piloted or selfplay mode in this boost.
  8. Apart from this boost, you can also purchase extra options. That is much cheaper than buying them separately.

Mythic Ny’alotha required:

  • Your character should have level 120;
  • There are no special requirements regarding your gear;
  • We offer 2 options for this boosting. Choose between account sharing option or selfplay;
  • We do not ask any private information. All we ask is login and password from your account (only if you choose a piloted option).
  • And the last requirement is to turn off the authenticator or simply fix it, so that we can log in to your account without any problems.