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WoW N'zoth Kill Raid Boost

At the war times against the Black Empire, the Pantheon had formed the armies which task consisted of defeating every of the Old Gods. These armies were called the titan-forged. They succeeded, partly fulfilled the task and killed one of the Old Gods — Y'Shaarj. That moment the Pantheon found out that these Gods had such a strong connection with Azeroth that if they kill them all, it would influence and even harm not only Azeroth, but the whole world. In order to resist it, it was decided to design and erect enormous prisons in which they would be able to restrain all the evil the Old Gods had. And N'Zoth was a pioneer to get inside of them.

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Being horrified by the happenings, the Pantheon understood that it was risky and they couldn’t kill the Old Gods that had left like that. The vicious beasts infiltrated the world so much that the wrong decision could ruin the whole Azeroth. Being aware of the importance of the situation, the Pantheon was thinking about imprisoning the Old Gods, only in that case they would be able to protect Azeroth from the evil. That was going to be a hard nut to crack, but with the help of the keepers it would become possible to complete N'zoth Heroic Kill Run. The Pantheon gave an order to his armies to develop a plan that would help to get rid of all the Black Empire's tracks for eternity. They wanted to defeat every Old God separately. Once the beasts had become weaker, Archaedas would make underground chambers for keeping them there. After everything was prepared, Loken would enchant every prison with powerful magic that would help to offset the evil of the Old Gods.

Having developed their plans for actions, the armies launched the campaign. With the numerous battles they had on their way, they succeeded and reached the N’Zoth’s fortress that was located in the south-east. They overwhelmed him, and using their might put the beast into the subterranean prison.

The chronology of N'Zoth Raid Kill Boost:

  • Table of Contents;
  • The Black Empire and N'Zoth's Mythic Kill;
  • The War of the Ancients;
  • The Creation of the Emerald Nightmare;
  • Age of Cataclysm;
  • Legion and the Emerald Nightmare Raid;
  • The Crucible of Storms;
  • Rise of Azshara empire;
  • Visions of N'Zoth;
  • N'Zoth and Sylvanas;

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  1. N'Zoth was taking part in corrupting the Emerald Dream. That was the opening raid in expansion Legion. Xal'atath tells about this in the raid;
  2. He also corrupted Deathwing that led to Cataclysm being a part of the plan in the Hour of Twilight. We found out about this action in Chronicle Volume 3;
  3. N’Zoth has spread his corrupting influence on Azshara.