Heroic Uldir carry run

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Raid available almost from the start of BFA expansion. World is in danger again. Horde and Alliance will forget for a moment about their conflict to solve world-wide problem - Void of the Old Gods and its servants already occupired part of Zandalari land and doing harm to the Azeroth.

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  • Titans have created on this area halls long time ago to hold evil creatures. It was necessary for them to learn more information about main enemy, but when they realized, that just complete elimination can solve the problem it was too late and almost whole defensive system has been deactivated and broken.
  • Creators closed their laboratory, but it was just question of the time to escape it to such a powerful nightmare, which they have accidentally created. It has started genocide of Zandalari trolls and caused very bad times to them.
  • With assistance of the great shaman Thrall and blessing of King Rastakhan from Zandalari Allied races heroes need to stop cataclysm of Azeroth and beckon to Zul'jin and his soul, since the great Warchief did not say last word to his old friend - Thrall.

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