Character leveling boost 110-120

Character level boosting service in World of Warcraft (WoW)

You can use this feature to obtain premium carry status and decrease ETA of character leveling on 30-75%. We will move your order on the top position of priority list and make every effort to finish boost with the best delivery time.

You will get Unlock world quests on one of your character.

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Character power leveling boost 110-120

Buy character power leveling carry 110-120

Since BFA expansion landed on live servers and level cap now is 120 - the most interesting content of the game will wait for you on new rank. Unique War Campaign and two mainlands, that consist of three new zones for each faction with unexplored danger:

  • Alliance - Kul tiras can charm visitors with its beauty, but with naked eye it is impossible to see whole disaster of area. Be ready to resist curse of evil witches, that have controlled this place for a long time and will not let anybody else to conquer it.
  • Horde - Zandalar has always been home of ancient trolls, who ruled for ages here. Be careful and stay away from dinosaurs and raptors, because this location is native land of such an angry beast.

Another problem is Warmode. Became available after 8.0 patch to help us reach new rank. But be careful with enemy faction, since turning it on - your chances to be ganked with enemy faction's players are almost 100%. Anyway - has nice bonus reward, that is worth it.

Foxstore ready to start Level boost wow in first minutes of new expansion. We will finish grind and keep you away from all boring and hard chapters. In conclusion - good result in short period of time.

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