Crucible of Storms (CoS) heroic boost

Crucible of Storms (CoS) heroic boost

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What is Crucible of Storms Heroic Boost?

Crucible of Storms Heroic Boost is located in the third Alliance zone — Storm song. It is the second chapter of challenge after Shrine of the Storms dungeon with own features. First difference is in quantity of people which can be inside the instance in same time and it is not limited with 5 heroes. However, champions will meet much stronger enemies. Random groups has lower chances on success, so once you decided to finish raid without good team — prepare for wipes. But characters of 120 level can Buy CoS Heroic Boost on Foxstore and get full run in 2-3 hours.

How to Buy Crucible of Storms Heroic Carry?

  • The Restless Cabal is the 1 leader of dungeon. It consists from 2 enemies — Fa'thuul the Feared and Zaxasj the Speaker. Battle will consist from 3 phases and group need to select right strategy.
  • Uu'nat, Harbinger of the Void — final boss in Crucible of Storms Heroic Carry. Fight includes similar mechanics with raids from 3 WoW expansion, so old players can easily obtain equipment and achievements for fast kill.

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