Mummified Raptor Skull

Mummified Raptor Skull mount in World of Warcraft (WoW)

Total price:$157

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Mummified Raptor Skull is powerful artifact and ground mount in same time. It has 0,86% drop chance from last boss of King's Rest dungeon. Story of item was started during the reign of King Dazar. Current period is marked as the most dangerous in history of Zandalari troll race. Whole nation was on the verge of extinction when their tribal dissolved common union. Trolls were expelled from own homes and had no chances to avoid conflict without war. Army of Zandalari village had no leader and was too weak. Shamans gave last hopes to King Dazar and blessed him with dark magic of voodoo. That day trolls have sacrificed own spirits, but obtained a chance to build new empire in jungles of Zul'dazar.

Buy Mummified Raptor Skull for:

  • Possibility to travel on magnificent mount.
  • 100% riding speed on the ground.
  • Mummified Raptor Skull drop rate is 0,85%. It is your chance to avoid hours on farming.
  • Guarantee result.

How to get Mummified Raptor Skull?

  1. Travel to Kings Rest instance.
  2. Enter/gather composition of champions with decent equipment rank.
  3. Finish necessary quantity of dungeons to obtain reward (usually it takes 10-290 attempts).
  4. Find and use trophy in inventory after successful run.

Requirements to buy Mummified Raptor mount:

  1. Level 120 on Alliance/Horde hero.
  2. Access to King's Rest dungeon.
  3. Master riding skill.
  4. 44+ hours.

Preferred requirements to buy Mummified Raptor:

  • Character with level 120.
  • Tank specialization.
  • 370+ item level.
  • Access to King's Rest dungeon.
  • 4+ days.