8/10 Mythic Dungeon

8/10 Mythic Dungeon

You will get G'huun heroic kill boost in selfplay mode on one of your character. Self play mode — play by yourself meanwhile boost.

You will get Dazar'alor normal raid boost - personal loot in selfplay mode.

You will get Dazar'alor heroic raid boost - personal loot in selfplay mode.

You will get Mythic+ 10 dungeon boost in selfplay mode boost on one of you character.

You will get gear boost on your character up to 350+ total item level.

You will get arena 3v3 rating boost up to 2100 in account share mode. Share mode — type of service when our booster make order on your account with save connection.

Total price:53

Buy Mythic Dungeon WoW BFA Boost:

The strongest mobs and bosses and hardest difficulty with epic loot from every leader - 340+ ilvl.
Instances have cooldown, so limited amount of rewards.

Here is no time limits or rewards in time runs, as at mythic plus mode. Anyway - always risky with pug parties to wipe and loose chances to obtain good upgrade. The main reason is why Mythic Dungeon Boost is good service to deal with. Such a good action will not let you loose seven days' ID of instance and be upset.

At the end of instance you will get random mythic keystone for upgrades, if you did not get it before - is also not a problem to start with help of Foxstore.pro.
- Default loot option is Personal. But it does not mean, that you can not get gear! Use bonus options - more armor pieces.

Usually teams are almost always ready to start after booked order and you should buy mythic dungeon boost and add more info about your character. Select options to receive more goods from killed enemies inside area, since next time you will be able to get it just in 1 week. Choose wisely and we will add at your group certain players to share their loot to you, that is tradable.

Important to know, that you need to finish some part of War Campaign to unlock access to last two zones:
- Siege of Boralus - Horde
- Kings' Rest - Alliance

All another 8 zones might be available on level cap - 120.

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