Luminous Jellyweed (Trinket)

Luminous Jellyweed (Trinket)

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Luminous Jellyweed boosting service

Buy Luminous Jellyweed raid item:

  • That is a trinket for intellect classes with healer specialization. The effect from this item have passive proc that increases Healing recieved by targets up to 10%.
  • We will add 1-9 loot traders to increase drop chance.
  • With Foxstore service you will be invited in nearest raid group to defeat Blackwater Behemoth and guarantee get Luminous Jellyweed which can be forged in the battle up to 5-25 levels.
  • Usually it takes 1-3 weekly resets to obtain reward.
  • You can get other loot of 415-445+ ilvl from boss.
  • Here you may buy Luminous Jellyweed WoW in 3 different raid modes: normal, heroic, mythic.