Void elf

Void elf race boosting service in World of Warcraft EU (WoW)

Our boosters will make War Campaign on your character.

You will get heritage armor set appropriate chosen Allied Race.

Total price:19

Void elf unlock boost service

To add this race for your account you have to do achievement, that includes quests, scenario and final reputation with Argussian Reach. On Foxstore you can buy Void elf race unlock boost and one of them are new followers of Alliance, leading by Alleria Windrunner.

History of Void elf allied race

Once Umbric from blood elves started to appeal with Void power. When government of Silvermoon know that - they immediately stopped all Umbric's experiments and closed doors of main city of blood elves forever. But he and his followers already started to transform in new creatures, obtaining new dark power. It will change their mind, but it still possible to control void energy. There was no home for Void elves and Alliance invited them to fight with Horde under one flag. So if you are Alliance player and always wanted to try new Horde race, just on your side - it is your chance. Check new racial abilities, they are not same, as blood elves. While Void Elf racial unlocking boost service you will also obtain mount, that is also fine gift and you can ride it on main character.

And do not forget, that it is takes weeks to get and Foxstore.pro can make your process much faster.