Freehold leveling boost

Freehold leveling boosting service in World of Warcraft (WoW) PvE

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BFA Freehold leveling self play boost

Freehold Leveling Boost is great opportunity to increase rank of your champion. Current service is useful for all classes and factions on servers of EU and US regions. The only thing you need — level 110 on your hero and 2-5 hours of time. However, carry can be done in piloted mode.

Buy WoW Freehold lvl 110-120 boost?

On our site you are able to select any kind of Leveling in Freehold Boost. Select self-play option to play by yourself during the carry and piloted mode — if you do not have enough time to finish service without account sharing. Once you decided to make a purchase — use online chat to book your order and link armory with battle tag. If you interested in express service — mark it as well and your Free hold leveling carry will be at the top of priority list.

How to get Freehold Leveling Boost as DH?

  • You need to chance starter armor and replace it with heroic or mythic gear of previous expansion to survive attacks from legion of mobs inside the dungeon.
  • Set up defensive abilities and damage rotation — select the most suitable ones to make pressure on the bosses and finish runs in 4-6 minutes.
  • Be ready to assist your customer — sometimes enemies can select wrong target and hurt. Prepare plan to return and save teammate from death.
  • Take care about azerite talents and traits — artifact will become much stronger with 40+ traits, so farm dungeons to provide better result.
  • Azerite equipment — get 285-300+ item rank on head, chest and shoulders armor pieces. The most popular numbers are 280, but it is not enough for WoW Leveling Freehold Boost in self-play mode.
  • Legion Legendaries — since heroes wasted all traits to defeat last boss in Legion — items became weaker. Even with 1 upgrade these weapons are still the best choice for first steps in BFA.