Green Marsh Hopper

Green Marsh Hopper mount in World of Warcraft (WoW)

Total price:$28

Green Marsh Hopper mount boost service

What is Green Marsh Hopper mount?

Green marsh hopper mount is 1 of 3 similar riding creatures which have been added in World of Warcraft patch 8,1 (Tides of Vengeance). "Beauty" has been found by players meanwhile expedition in Nazmir. Bright wound skin color has become first distinguishing feature of the frog. Animal obtained popularity in current locations and true collectors that already have meat wagon mount were ready to buy green marsh hopper. But merchants were not able to spend 333333 gold coins and left a place with empty hands. No one in village does not know why gigant toad is so expensive. WoW legends say that number means age of frog.

How to get Green Marsh Hopper?

  • Travel in Nazmir and enter Frogmarsh village.
  • Find the most strange troll in location and make a deal with him.
  • Collect or farm 333333 gold to make the best purchase in your life.

Why should you buy Green Hopper mount?

  • Creature is a worthy substitute to 333333 gold.
  • Green Hopper looks better from blue and yellow ones.
  • Mount has similar face features with Gallywix.
  • Frogs have 60/100% speed increasing on the ground in WoW.


  • Alliance/Horde champion with the highest (120+) level of expansion.
  • Battle for Azeroth account version.
  • Possibility to wait 1-4 hours of ETA.

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