Vicious Black Warsaber

Vicious Black Warsaber mount in World of Warcraft US (WoW)

Use current feature if you do not have 1400 points in 3v3 arena rating. Combatant title is necessary requirement, so we will start to boost your character from arena wins and continue plays in this diapason.

Total price:$109

Vicious Black Warsaber boosting service

Vicious Black Warsaber represents one of most rare WoW PvP mount and unique trophy. In World of Warcraft BFA season 2 players will act against each others on arena and battlegrounds to pretend on seasonal this reward. But how to get Vicious Black Warsaber mount? It is available just for Alliance champions after finishing necessary amount of rated 3v3/2v2/RBG wins, so be ready to farm or just buy arena boost on Foxstore. You have time till BFA PvP season 2 end date will come, so do not loose time and ask manager to add you with team of professional boosters to complete service before it is too late. We will complete requirements with you and assist in 3v3 battles to guarantee quick delivery.

Buy Vicious Black Warsaber to get rewards:

  • PvP achievements and title for 1400 points - Combatant: Battle for Azeroth Season 2.
  • Ground riding creature with 60%/100% speed increasing.
  • Discount on next order.
  • Unique item item in collection - Vicious Black Warsaber.
  • Protection from the start till end of service.

How to get Vicious Black Warsaber:

  • Take part in confrontations between factions and reach decent rank.
  • Get 1400 rating to start.
  • Complete bar of progress by getting 2v2 arena wins - 240+ / 3v3 arena wins - 80+ / BRG wins - 80+ with Combatant title - 1400+ rating or higher.
  • Make a right choice and Buy Vicious Black Warsaber Mount service to protect from fails and became new happy owner.

Requirements to Buy Vicious Black Warsaber mount carry:

  • Selfplay - availability be online in game and join group with your champion of 120 level.
  • Piloted - equipment with items of 350+ level and total rank 355+.
  • ETA depends on the mode which you prefer to use.