Highmountain Tauren

Highmountain Tauren race boosting service in World of Warcraft EU (WoW)

Our boosters will make War Campaign on your character.

You will get heritage armor set appropriate chosen Allied Race.

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Highmountain Tauren unlock boost service

If you do not know how to unlock highmountain tauren allied race - we will help you! To obtain access for this fraction - Exalted reputation is not the only thing, that matters. You need also finish special quests, that is necessary. But finish rewards will be provide access for current race, give new mount (that is possible to use just on Horde side) - Highmountain Thunderhoof and obtain rare highmountain tauren heritage armor after achive 120 character level.

History of Highmountain tauren allied race

Taurens always were on one side with Horde. Thrall gathered Horde from orcs, trolls and taurens. Later forsaken agreed to help Horde at the war against Alliance, but on own rules. Highmountain - one of the zones of Legion expansion, that was inhabited with this race. Finishing quests and world quests - you will help clear location from evil occupation forces.

Buy Highmountain tauren unlock boost to get

If you will create character to try it - you definitely will not be upset, because of racial abilities and bonuses:

  • Your mining skill will be higher on 15 and faster vein gathering.
  • Bull Rush - Highmountain tauren racials ability that will knock down enemies around target, that you choose.
  • Passive reduced damage, that your champion will take.
  • Bonus chance to get more loot(meat or fish).
  • Higher versatility stat.

While farming reputation you can see, that it will take too much time. But you always may buy Highmountain Taurens race unlock boost from professional Foxstore team for save your time and nerves! We will do everyday grind of Questing, Dungeons and class hall missions (that will give reputation with Highmountain Tribe).