8/8 Normal Dungeon

8/8 Normal Dungeon

You will get G'huun heroic kill boost in selfplay mode on one of your character. Self play mode — play by yourself meanwhile boost.

You will get Dazar'alor normal raid boost - personal loot in selfplay mode.

You will get Dazar'alor heroic raid boost - personal loot in selfplay mode.

You will get Mythic+ 10 dungeon boost in selfplay mode boost on one of you character.

You will get gear boost on your character up to 320+ total item level.

You will get arena 3v3 rating boost up to 2100 in account share mode. Share mode — type of service when our booster make order on your account with save connection.

Total price:$49

Buy Normal Dungeon WoW BFA boost:
Service is available for any characters at final 120 level on the islands of Zandalari and Kul Tiras.
In fact is it possible to do Normal dungeon boost for heroes with 110+ level, since zones are opened, but you can not enter dungeons of the enemy's faction until 120.

- Fresh dinged character? Do not be shy to book an order! You might be almost AFK, it is necessary to loot killed bosses and mobs.
At the start Alliance and Horde can enter at 3 instances, since last one is not available. After reaching 115 rank on champion - more instances will open.

- Need special item? Not a problem!
Choose special instance to farm dagger, sword, mace or any item, that you do need to hard or usual random to receive bonus loot, azerite or gold.

BFA Dungeon boost will add to your collection achievements, that new addon of the game brought to the community.
Select additional loot option on Foxstore.pro to get more armor pieces or weapons.
Item level of equipment here is 310+ - chance to forge, titanforge upgrades.

Foxstore.pro is going to add your character with players from our own static to finish all runs much faster from usual pug groups. Furthermore - there is no person at these parties, who shares loot, so impossible to obtain equipment from another player if he gets it from the run and it does not drop you.

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